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* * * LATEST NEWS! * * *

The market has been suspended until further notice!

There are several reasons for this decision.
  1. It is very frustrating for vendors to make the effort to set up and then sit idle with next to no visitors/buyers to come.
  2. It is also disappointing for those visitors who do come to the market and only finding a few vendors.
  3. Management has promised to deliver advertisement, and we failed on the first try for which we want to apologize! But we will do better next time. It just needs a good concept and a proper time line. We are working on it, be assured. We will not throw the towel, so to speak!
  4. Also, the "low season" has already kicked in - much earlier than in previous years - and hence it doesn't make much sense to have a "Grand Opening" at this time around. We will wait until after the "low season" with the relaunch. A date for it will be published here in due time ahead of the event.
  5. Last but not least we also had an unexpected and essential fall-out within the management team due to health issues.
If you add up all of the above, you may understand that there were challenges which finally have forced us to postpone the relaunch/Grand Opening and the markets' operation altogether.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to our loyal vendors and to all our visitors whom we were able to welcome so far.

Nevertheless, we are planning to come back at the right time and with the right concept, once we have finished to work it out and have put everything in place properly. The management team will not sit down idle, be assured! We are looking forward to the outcome of our efforts being made in the mean time and the results they will bring!

However, the Barbados Mini Golf will remain open as usual for everyone who wants to hit a few holes!

The management team of the Barbados Country Fair

The market will be closed until further notice!

The Barbados Country Fair is located on the grounds of the Barbados Mini Golf range. The vendors are offering a wide range of locally grown produce and locally made products.

Photo: © by Jurgen Starck

LATEST NEWS: +++ The market will be closed until further notice! +++

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